The Courts

In 2012 the two tennis courts were renovated into multi-sport courts, allowing for greater use of the fenced in area.  Once limited to only tennis, now the east court is set up for basketball (with adjustable rim height), volleyball, badminton or as a second tennis court.

Tennis Court

The west court is for tennis only and should be the first choice for tennis. There is also a hitting wall on that side of the courts.  Please use the signup sheet on the bulletin board inside the courts if you wish to reserve the court for a specific time. There is a two-hour time limit if someone is waiting.

No rollerblades, skateboards, lacrosse or any other non-approved activity is allowed on either court.

Multi-Sport Court

The east court is a multi-sport court that can be used for basketball, volleyball, badminton and tennis.  

If you notice that the courts are buckling or separating or if you have any questions pertaining to the courts themselves, please contact:

Rich Raab  

Flex Court of Colorado


Adjustable net instructions

Access Cards

If you lost or damaged your pool access card, or are a new resident and didn't received a card, please click the button below to submit a form for a new card. There is a $40 fee to replace a lost card. Only one card is allowed per household.  This card also works for the pool.

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