SouthPark 1 versus SouthPark 2

Understanding where you live

Do I live in SouthPark 1 or SouthPark 2? Are they both managed by the same HOA? Who do I call for a pool key? Why has no one returned my calls to the hotline?

These are the most common questions that are received via email through this website. Residents are sometime surprised to learn that there are two homeowner associations (HOAs) and that they are managed independently from one another. SouthPark 1 consists of all the single-family detached homes as well as the townhomes east of W. Long Avenue. This is the orange area in the map to the right. SouthPark 2 consists of all the other townhomes, in blue.

Each HOA is managed separately, so you must contact the HOA in which you live to get answers to your questions. This website is managed by SouthPark 1 and only caters to SouthPark 1 residents. If you live in SouthPark 2, please visit their website at  

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It is important to know that each HOA has its own pool, tennis courts and clubhouse. The amenities to the east are for SouthPark 1 residents, and those to the west are for SouthPark 2 residents. If you need a pool or tennis access key or wish to rent the clubhouse, contact the HOA in which you live. For SouthPark 1, visit the Recreation page on this website.

Streets are managed by the City of Littleton for both HOAs. If you have questions about snow removal, abandoned vehicles, etc., please contact the city at 303.795.3700 or visit Parking permits are not required in SouthPark 1. Simply obey all signs as posted by the City of Littleton. For parking permits in SouthPark 2, please contact that HOA.

For SouthPark 1 residents, this website it dedicated to providing you with as much information as possible.

There you have it! Thanks for reading and enjoy this website and your SouthPark community!