Architectural Guidelines

Architectural Control Committee Guidelines

The residents of SouthPark take great pride in their community. The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and SouthPark's published guidelines have helped to keep a consistent look and feel within Southpark since 1982.  

ACC Guidelines

This document details the process for approval, enforcement and guidelines of exterior improvements, alterations, additions or repainting, as well as the enforceable covenants for the community. The latest revision was published October 2015.

ACC Guidelines


Download and submit the ACC Request Form at least one month before planned work is to begin. Be sure to sign the form and send it to AMI via email, fax or mail.

ACC Request Form

Exterior Painting and Roofing

Paint schemes, roofing styles and procedures are available by clicking on the appropriate link below.

Single Family Painting
Townhome Painting
Roofing Styles & Colors

Vendor Directory

Click on the Happy Painter to view the list of vendors referred by satisfied SouthPark residents.

HOA Documents

All HOA documents can be found on the AMI website. This includes financials, reserve studies, governing documents, resolutions, board of director meeting minutes, and more.